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Discover how we help women defeat gynecologic cancers using a unique combination of minimally invasive robotic
surgery, precision cancer therapies and complementary holistic natural support towards thriving in survivorship.
How to Beat Your Cancer  Using 21st Century Treatment ... 
Survive & Thrive! 
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What You Will Learn From This Presentation:
FACTOID #1: You have options! Discover personalized treatment
No two women or cancers, are exactly the same. Customize and optimize your Integrative Cancer Care Treatment Plan to meet your individual needs.
FACTOID #2: Surgery is often minimally invasive XiRA for many cancers
Robotic XiRA & laparoscopic minimally invasive surgery can get you back on your feet quickly so you can move on with life or the next phase of treatment.
FACTOID #3: YOU can help yourself proactively defeat cancer & thrive!
Targeted Nutrition, Mind-Body-Spirit therapies & lifestyle modification can accelerate healing, improve quality of life and help prevent recurrence.
"Dr Steve" Vasilev MD
Integrative Oncologist
About "Dr. Steve":
Dr. Steve Vasilev is the only physician in the United States who is quadruple board certified in Women's Health (ObGyn), Gynecologic Oncology, Holistic & Integrative Medicine.  He is an accomplished minimally invasive master surgeon using XiRA Davinci robotic technology to get you back on your feet faster.  His mission is to guide you from prevention through diagnosis, surgery, individualized state-of-the-art treatment where needed, and into a thriving survivorship with natural integrative cancer recurrence prevention strategies. 
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